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Limited time rate offer on these CDs

2.00% APY - 13-Month*  

1.75% APY -   8-Month*


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*Specific Terms Applicable to Your Promotional 8-Month or 13-Month Certificate

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. This APY is correct as of 8/2022. Minimum Balance Requirement to open this account is $1,000.00. You must maintain a balance equal to the minimum balance required to open your account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield and to keep your account open. Your account will mature at the end of the promotional term you selected, will automatically renew into a 12-Month High Yield certificate at the rate offered at maturity if you take no action, and you will have a grace period of seven calendar days following the Maturity Date to make deposits and/or withdrawals without penalty. If funds are withdrawn before maturity, a penalty of 90 days interest will be imposed. Except for Add-On Certificate Accounts, once your account is established you may not make deposits into your account.

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