Stop Payments

Please note that stop payments can only be processed on check and ACH transactions. Stop payments cannot be processed on debit card (ATM/POS) transactions.

You may ask the credit union orally to stop payment on a check. For any such request to remain valid, however, you must also supply the credit union with a written request within 14 days after you make any such oral request. Your request must be given to the credit union in a timely manner so that the credit union has a reasonable opportunity to act on your request. A written stop payment request is effective for 6 months. If at the end of 6 months, you request the credit union to continue the stop payment order, that request will be treated as a new request. The credit union is not liable if the credit union pays a check which you have requested the credit union to stop payment on as long as the credit union acts in good faith and exerciseS ordinary care.

You may also ask the credit union to stop payment on a lost or stolen cashier or official check. If you do, you agree to execute a declaration of loss and claim for reimbursement form together with any other documentation the credit union may require, such as an affidavit. Please see the Account Disclosure for complete details.

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