Get on the Road! RV Traveling Tips


New to RVing and Camping? 

There's never been a better time to take up the RV life. 

RVing is an exciting and affordable way to spend quality family or friend time and see the country. Firstly, get comfortable with driving it. Take your RV for a test drive before your camping trip.Large RV for family and friends camping

On your first trip, camp close to home. This will help you learn about RVing. Here are some other helpful tips:

1. Don’t overpack. Most of us over-pack for any vacation. When it comes to packing for your RV trip, unnecessary items can add weight and get in the way of what you really need.

When packing from the house or store to the RV, pack all of the items by room such as kitchen items together, bath and bedroom things in their own totes. Make sure to bring along a good assortment of wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, tire repair kit, a small compressor, flares, extra fuses, and other goodies to keep things going. Also, include a toolkit; wire pliers, electrical tape, power strip, duct tape, hammer, yard gloves, tire gauge, two 25 ft expandable water hoses, LP gas, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Items for outside: doormat, flashlights, lanterns, bug spray and zapper, rugs, foldup chairs and table, pop-up tent/canopy for shade, beverage cooler, fan, level and leveling blocks, disposable gloves for sewer hookups, bungee cords with hooks, warning triangles, extension cords and surge protectors.

2. Take along a paper map of where you are going. Often reception is not great in some park and lake areas, so a paper map may be needed.

3. Use an RV-specific route planner on a GPS. It'll factor in overhead clearance and other restrictions, such as which roads, bridges, and tunnels won't allow propane tanks through.

4. Compile and laminate two basic lists: one for setting up your campsite, the other for breaking camp. That way, you’ll never drive off with your antennae up again!

5. Leave the names and numbers of the places you’ll be staying during your travels with family members.

6. If you're staying parked in one spot for a while, run the RV engine for a few minutes each day to recharge the battery.

Most of all, relax and enjoy time with family and friends in nature and visiting interesting places during your travels. 

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