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Holiday Scam Alert

Attorney General Andy Beshear warns Kentuckians shopping online this Christmas season to be on the lookout for scam emails.

With Christmas shopping in full swing, and the National Retail Federation predicting spending to increase by more than 4 percent this season, Kentuckians say they are receiving what appear to be legitimate emails from popular retailers that are actually scams.

The scam email is often personalized and includes a logo of a retailer such as PayPal, Apple, or Amazon, and instructs the receiver to resolve an issue with their online account or order by re-entering their bank, credit card, or Social Security numbers.

Beshear says Kentuckians should also be wary of emails, apps, and social media posts that offer too good to be true deals, discounts, and sales, as those offers could be a ploy to collect information. To spot a scam email, website, or app Kentuckians should:

  • Watch for misspelled words.
  • Avoid clicking on email hyperlinks. Always independently type in the actual retailer website and sign in.
  • Pay attention to the sender’s email address. Scam emails are often from an email address that looks very similar to an official company account but may have a couple of letters or words that are different.

Beshear asks Kentuckians to report these types of email scams to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection hotline at 888-432-9257.