Gefferson the giraffeMeet Gefferson!

Our tall friend likes to save his allowance and stack it as tall as his giraffe neck!

Gefferson is a young giraffe who is the #1 fan of financial education and wants to share it with all of our community members of all ages!

Gefferson became our mascot in 2020 and has been busy learning all about the credit union and is ready to share what he has learned.  He can tell you about the difference between a bank and a credit union, how to open an account, how to save, and so much more.

While giraffes are known for being loyal, kind, and intelligent, this fun-loving character is all that and more! He doesn't talk much but his friends at Service One can help translate for him. 

If you see Gefferson at an event, snap a picture and tag us, and/or use the hashtag #socucares!