Note: Members who sign in with a new device will be given three choices to authenticate their account. SMS (code sent to the cell number on file), Call (to the phone number on file), or Email (to the email on file).

Mobile Deposits

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a free, secure, online banking service that allows eligible members of Service One Credit Union to deposit funds using their smartphone (iPhone or Android – see compatibility below) or Kindle, into their Service One account.

How do I endorse my checks?

Endorse your check with your name as it appears on the front of the check, and it must include the following information:

“For Mobile Deposit Only at Service One Credit Union, account #, your signature”

Example, “For Mobile Deposit Only at Service One Credit Union, #1234567, John Doe.”

Your check will not be accepted for deposit if it does not contain your endorsement as noted above. In this situation, you will receive an email noting the rejection of the item.

In the event that an item was rejected due to a circumstance that you were subsequently able to correct, you may re-submit the corrected item or bring it to any branch. Branch staff will consult with Electronic Services (ESO) staff to ensure proper acceptance of the item. Duplicate presentment of the same item will be cause for removal from the Mobile Deposit program and potential closure of the account if Service One Credit Union suffers a loss due to the double-presentment.

What equipment is needed for Mobile Deposit?

The following are the minimum currently supported environments.

  • For iPhone/iPad: minimum operating system 7.0+, the free Service One app available through the App Store
  • For Android devices: minimum 2.3+ operating system, the free Service One app available through the Android Market
  • For Kindle devices: any Kindle Fire versions, the free Service One app available through the Kindle (Amazon) App Store

Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit?

In order to use Mobile Deposit, you must be a Service One member who meets the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • No history of returned deposit items
  • Valid email address
  • Current user of Service One’s mobile app
  • Must be in good standing

Are there limits on the dollar amount of funds or the number of checks I may present through Mobile Deposit?

Yes, Service One sets limits on the amount and number of items that you can deposit via Mobile Deposit each day as well as cumulatively for the month. Please contact Service One for the currently established limits.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

There is no fee to use Mobile Deposit. Please refer to the Service One Credit Union “Fee Schedule” for any associated fees that may apply.

How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?

Go into our Mobile App from your smartphone. Choose “Mobile Deposit” to start the enrollment process. Complete the enrollment form and acknowledge the End User License Agreement. The Agreement explains your responsibilities and liabilities as a Mobile Deposit user and the Credit Union responsibilities. You will receive a thank you message for enrolling and a message with notification of your enrollment status.

How will I receive notifications about Mobile Deposit registration and deposits?

All notifications will be sent to the email address you listed when you enrolled in the program. You must keep this email current. Deposit transaction statuses will be updated in the Mobile Deposit app. If you have enabled push notifications from the credit union, you will also receive these notifications on your phone.

What types of checks cannot be deposited using Mobile Deposit?

  • Foreign Items
  • Savings Bonds
  • Third-Party Check Items (double endorsement items)
  • Checks purported to be a lottery or prize-winning
  • Checks previously endorsed by Service One Credit Union
  • Checks that contain evidence of alteration
  • Stale-dated or Post-dated checks
  • Incomplete checks (i.e. missing date, missing payee, improper endorsement, etc.)
  • Items stamped “non-negotiable”
  • Substitute Checks

What happens to the images after they are scanned?

When using an iPhone or Android phone for scanning, check images captured are stored on the device until they have been submitted successfully. Please try to complete each deposit promptly. In the event that you are unable to promptly complete your deposit, please delete the associated images from the application.

How long should I save the original check(s) after scanning?

Checks should be securely stored for a period of thirty (30) days after you receive confirmation from Mobile Deposit that your deposit has been accepted. This provides sufficient time for research in case there is an issue with the image quality or if the original item is required for any other reason.

Do not leave your deposited check lying around unsecured and do not put the deposited checks in the trash or recycle bins unless they have been shredded first. The paper check should be stored in a secure place and should be irretrievably destroyed after the 30 day retention period. A cross-cut or diamond shredder will assist in the complete destruction of the check information.

When will my deposit be credited or available?

Generally, for deposits received before 2:30 pm Central Standard Time (CST) on a business day that we are open (business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays), we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit. Deposits received after 2:30 pm CST will be considered received the following business day. Funds from your deposit generally will be available to you on the first business day after your deposit. However, Service One Credit Union standard Funds Availability Policy (case-by-case determination) may apply to items deposited by mobile check deposit.

How can I get a copy of my image after submitting my deposit?

You may request a copy of the negotiated item by contacting the Credit Union at the number listed below. Ask for the ESO (Electronic Services) department and be sure to tell them it was an item deposited through Mobile Deposit. Your phone may also retain a copy of the item for a time, depending on the type of phone you use.

Check image tips:

  • Take the photo against a background with a strong contrast between the check and the surrounding area.
  • Position the camera above the check so there is no angle.
  • Move any objects that show up in the picture away from the check.
  • Make sure the check is visible, contains all four corners, is well lit, and in focus.
  • The check must contain a readable check number, payee name, and endorsement as described below.
  • The check must contain a readable character (numeric) amount of the check and the legal amount of the check.
  • The check must be drawn on an institution located within the United States.

Deposit Instructions:

Endorse the item as required: “For Mobile Deposit Only at Service One Credit Union, account #, your signature”

Log into the Service One Credit Union mobile banking app, mobile deposit function

  • Select Make Deposit from the menu
  • Select the account to receive the deposit
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check and press continue
  • The next screen will show Deposit Submitted!
  • You will receive a confirmation via email that the check is being processed
  • You can review your pending, approved, and rejected deposits under the review tab on the main menu
  • Securely store your check for 30 days

Can I add additional accounts?

Yes, you can add any accounts where you are the primary member or joint owner. Be sure to use the main account number (aka member number) and the account suffix (Example: 12345621, where 123456 is the member number and 21 is the suffix). Contact the ESO Department at 270-796-8500 if you need assistance with this option.

Where can I go to receive help with Mobile Deposit????????

Please call the ESO (Electronic Services) department at the number listed below, and we’ll be glad to help.

For errors or questions about your deposits, call the credit union at 270-796-8500 (ask to speak with someone in ESO about your mobile deposit) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) during business hours or write to the credit union at PO Box 51770, Bowling Green, KY 42102, Attn: ESO. You must contact the credit union by either method described above no later than sixty (60) days after the credit union has sent the first statement on which the error or problem occurred (as stated in the short-version error-resolution notice provided on each member statement).

Please refer to the “End User License Agreement” you agreed to at enrollment for complete terms and conditions of use of this product.

Round-Up $avings

Have you been thinking about building your savings? We are offering “Round-Up $avings” as a way for you to easily build your savings balances. This is a voluntary program designed to "Round-Up" your purchase transactions to the next highest dollar. The "Round-Up" amount is withdrawn separately from your checking account and deposited to your savings account daily. You still have full access to your money.

Program Description

The Credit Union’s Mission is to help our members realize their financial dreams. To help you, we are offering “Round-Up $avings” as a way for you to easily build your savings balances. This program is a voluntary program that is designed to “Round-Up” your purchase transactions to the next highest dollar. The “Round-Up” amount is withdrawn separately from your checking account and deposited to your savings account.

Who will be eligible to participate in the program?

Any member who has a checking account with a Service One debit card is eligible for the program.

What happens if a debit card transaction is subsequently canceled or reversed?

The corresponding transfer for the original transaction will not be reversed and the funds will remain in the savings account.

What if I need to order a new debit card?

The program will continue. There is no need to re-enroll in the program.

Are ATM transactions included?

No, ATM transactions are not included. Only Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases.

If there is a joint owner on the account, does each account owner need to enroll?

No, participation is at the account level. Individual cards associated with your checking account cannot be enrolled or removed.

How does it work?

Each time you swipe your debit card, that purchase will produce a secondary amount designated as a Round-Up $avings transaction. At the end of the day, all qualifying transactions are added together and posted. An amount equal to the Round-Up amount will be debited from your checking and deposited into your savings (See example below). There will be no transfer for pending transactions, only when the transaction posts to your account. The withdrawal transaction from your checking account will be dated the “next day”.

How many accounts can I have in the program?

You can have one checking account in the program, and the deposits go to one savings account.

How do I sign up for this program?

You can sign up for the program either over the phone or in person.

What is the minimum balance I must maintain in my account?

There is no minimum balance requirement. It is your responsibility to maintain a current check register (or another method) to keep track of your balance. Service One is not responsible for any overdraft fees that may occur due to your enrollment in the Round-Up $avings program.

Will these transactions cause overdrafts?

The program can overdraft, but not because of the transfer. It is your responsibility to keep track of your expenditures, both with your debit card as well as checks, to avoid overdrawing your account.

What do I need to tell merchants processing my transaction?

There is nothing you need to do, other than complete your purchase.

What if I want to leave the program?

If you wish to stop participating in the program, contact us during regular business hours and we can un-enroll you from the program.

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