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Financial Education

Discover how you can realize your dreams with our free Financial Fitness Program. Win the gold as a Financial Olympian with our quick and fun learning experiences, available to you at no cost. These modules each take 3 to 7 minutes to complete, including visual and audio instruction – all perfectly paced for your busy life!

To start from the beginning of our program, click here. We have prepared 3 levels to achieve the Olympic Gold in financial fitness!

Learn more about financial fitness today!


Financial Fitness Modules that fit your life

Want to explore individual modules? Here are a few of our more popular modules.

Image of Credit card, with shopping cart and pie chart. 

Credit Scores and Reports Fitness Program

Interested in learning more about credit scores and reports? Check out our quick and fun module in Service One’s free Financial Fitness Program.


Budgeting Tool

Budgeting doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming – it can be easy with this simple tool. Better understand your financial habits and start working towards your financial goals!




Explore the costs and benefits of home-ownership, the different types of home-loans available to you, and the process for securing a mortgage.


Auto Loan Module

Investigate the causes of consumer fraud and identity theft, and identify ways to protect yourself from these crimes. This module includes consumer fraud, identity theft, prevention and protection tips, and how to respond to identity theft.


Overdraft Fitness Program

Learn more about the implications of overdrawing your account. Check out our educational module about overdrafting your checking account, including information about how overdraft happens and how to avoid overdrawing your account.

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