Skip Your July Payment!

Offer ends June 30

Our Skip-A-Payment Promotion allows you to skip one monthly payment by paying a $25.00 processing charge per eligible loan.  Your July loan payment will be skipped on the July due date.  Submit your request by June 30, 2023.

The loan types unable to skip are Credit Cards, Comfort Cash, Holiday, Mortgage and Home Equity Loans, and Ready Reserve Lines-of-Credit, Single-Payment, and Restoration or Workout Loans. Loan accounts that are delinquent, receiving payments through credit disability claims, included in a bankruptcy, loan accounts that have been extended since the last Skip Payment Promotion, commercial loans, and the first payment on a new loan are ineligible. Must be a member of the credit union to qualify.

Note:  The payment due may still show on your account until close to the due date.

Questions? Call us at (270) 796-8500.

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If you do not have an available balance in your Service One Checking or Savings Account, you must visit one of our branches to complete this request.  Each loan you skip-a-payment on requires a $25 processing charge. All processing charges must be taken from same account.

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By signing below I understand loan interest will continue to accrue as explained in my loan disclosure. This may result in an extension of my loan maturity or require additional payments. I understand this may increase the total finance charges I will pay and that Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage limits could be affected.

Please refer to your original GAP Disclosures.

Skip-A-Pay offer ends June 30, 2023. This will skip the July payment when it is due.
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