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Consumer Loans
Loan TypeTermAPR* as low as
Personal (No Collateral)** 60 months 8.90%
Ready Reserve Line of Credit *** N/A 8.90%
Share Certificate Secured Up to 36 months 2.50%
  37 to 66 months 3.50%
VISA® Platinum Credit Card N/A 8.25%

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Auto Loans
Loan TypeTermAPR* as low as
New, Used, Refinanced Automobile****
Model 2020 to 2022
Up to 66 Months 2.49%
  67-72 Months 2.74%
  73-84 Months 3.24%
Used, Refinanced Automobile****
Model 2016 to 2019
Up to 48 Months 2.74%
  49-66 Months 2.99%
Used, Refinanced Automobile****
Models 2008 to 2015
Up to 48 Months 6.49%
  49-54 Months 6.74%
Recreational Vehicle Up to 66 Months 4.25%
  67-72 Months 4.50%
  73-84 Months 4.75%
  85-120 Months 5.25%
Boat, ATV, UTV, Camper, Trailer, Personal Watercraft Up to 48 Months 5.50%
  49-66 Months 6.00%
Motorcycle, Purchase or Refinance, Models 2011-2020 Up to 48 Months 5.00%
  49-66 Months 5.50%
  67-72 Months 6.00%

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Mortgage Rates
Effective Date: Wednesday, January 19th, 2022
Fixed and adjustable rates are available for home buying and refinancing. Rates subject to credit granting criteria. For mortgage inquiries, please contact the Mortgage Department at (270) 796-8500 or (800) 759-8500, extension 2023.
ProductDescriptionTermRate as low asAPR* as low as
Fixed Rate Conventional Fixed rate mortgage, minimum 5% down payment 10 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
    15 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
    20 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
    30 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
VA Program offering fixed funds through VA with no required down payment and no monthly PMI 15 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
    30 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
FHA Program offering fixed funds with a minimum down payment of 3.5% 15 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
    30 Year Please call for rate Please call for rate
USDA Rural Development Available to those whose property and income meet USDA eligibility, no down payment required 30 Year Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable
Welcome Home Mortgage Up to 100% LTV, No PMI 3/3 ARM 3.500% 4.155%
    5/5 ARM 3.750% 4.302%
ARMs Adjustable rate mortgage, minimum 3% down payment, no PMI 3/3 ARM 2.375% 3.410%
    5/5 ARM 2.625% 3.500%
    10/10 ARM 3.000% 3.551%

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Home Equity Rates
Put the available equity in your home to use for home improvements, a new car, or college tuition. Rates subject to credit granting criteria. For Home Equity inquiries, please call (270) 796-8500, toll-free (800) 759-8500, or stop by one of our 4 branches.
ProductTerm/NameAPR* as low as
Fixed Rate Home Equity (Closed-End) 5 Year 3.750%
  7 Year 3.875%
  10 Year 4.250%
  15 Year 5.000%
Home Equity Line of Credit - HELOC (Open-End, Variable Rate)   3.25%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates posted are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Membership eligibility applies. Rates subject to creditworthiness and other terms and conditions. 
** – Personal (No Collateral) – Assumes a $5,000 loan amount.
*** – Ready Reserve Line of Credit is a Variable Rate. 
**** – Automobile Loans – Up to 120% MSRP for new and 115% NADA Clean Retail for Used. Rebuilt or salvage title limited to 50% of the purchase price and 48-month term. 67-72 month term for loans greater than $15,000. 73-84 month term-limited to new autos, 100% LTV, and loan amounts ≥ $15,000.

Vehicle loans are eligible for 0.25% discount for auto pay from an SOCU deposit account and an additional 0.25% for Choice Plus Checking (minimum rate is 2.59% after applying deductions).

Recreational Vehicle, Boat/Personal Watercraft, Motorcycle, Powersports, and Lifestyle Loans are eligible for 0.25% rate discount with Choice Plus Checking.

Credit Card Disclosures.

Mortgage Rates: Your actual rate may be different, as many factors go into providing you with a mortgage loan such as, the amount of the down payment, how much equity you have or whether you are purchasing, refinancing just the existing debt or refinancing & adding to the loan amount. The quotes above are based on a specific loan amount for the purchase or refinance of a single-family primary residence. (Purchase based on a loan amount of $112,500 with a 25% down payment and a refinance of $112,500 both with a value of $150,000.) The above scenarios do not include cash-out refinances and there may be credit score adjustments based on an applicant’s credit history. 

Product offers, rates, terms and other information provided herein are subject to change without notice. Due to the occasional inaccessibility to our web site which may be beyond our control, Service One Credit Union cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information provided herein. To verify current offers and rates, please call any Service One Credit Union location.

Contact us for complete details by calling (270)796-8500 or (800)759-8500.

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