Full Fee Schedule

As your credit union, it is our intention to provide a wide selection of quality products and services at little or no cost to members. In an effort to keep membership fees at a minimum, we compare our charges to other area financial institutions. While we’d prefer to serve members without imposing any fees, as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, it is imperative that we recover administrative costs associated with some of the services that we provide. Be assured that we will continue to strive to be the best and most affordable provider of financial services to our members.

Effective March 1, 2020.  Please refer to the appropriate account agreement and truth-in-savings disclosures for complete account information and fees. Subject to change.

Savings and Checking Accounts
Account Research (member requested, non-legal) $20.00 per hour
Business Checking Monthly Maintenance $18.75 per month
Business E.A.S.Y. Checking Monthly Maintenance (up to 250 transactions per month) $8.95 per month
Cashier's Check $5.00 per check
Check Copy $3.00 per check
Conversion of check or collection item to Cashier’s Check $10.00 per item
Deposited Item Returned NSF $28.95 per item
Dormant Account (no activity for 3 years) $10.00 per month
Item Sent for Collection Subject to applicable collection fees
Money Order $5.00 per money order
Monthly Paper Statement on Checking Account $5.00 per month
Choice Plus Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee $8.00 per month
Non-Member Cashing Check (>$50.00) $25.00 per item
O/D Transfer from Savings, Checking or Line-of-Credit $10.00 per transfer
Official Check Copy $5.00 per check
Overdraft - Renamed "Insufficient Funds Fee" $28.95 per item
Returned Item due to Garnishment $28.95 per item
Returned Mail due to Bad Address $10.00 per item
Statement Copy $5.00 per copy
Stop Payment $28.95 per request
Stop Payment – Official Check $28.95 per request
Telephone Transfer Fee $6.00 per time
Temporary Checks $10.00 per sheet of 4 checks
Wire Transfer Fees
Wire Transfer (incoming/outgoing-within U.S.) $28.95 per transfer
Wire Transfer (incoming/outgoing-international) $75.00 per transfer
One Card
Non-Service One ATM use over eight times per month $3.00 each use per membership account
O/D Transfer from Savings, Checking $10.00 per transfer
Insufficient Funds Fee $28.95 per presentment
Reissue of One Card $15.00 per card
Shared Branching Transaction Fees (5th and subsequent each month (2)) $2.00
Legal Fees
Attachment or Garnishment $100.00 per item
Escheat Processing $30.00 per account
Legal Review and Process (subpeonas, POA, guardianship, other) $100.00 per hour plus all costs
Signature Notarized and Recorded (non-member only) $25.00 per signature
Tax Levy $20.00 per item

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