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Discount Tickets


Holiday World theme park

Service One Exclusive Holiday World Discount Tickets 

Take a short day trip to Holiday World with family and friends to create memories for a lifetime. And get in with discount tickets. No worries about parking, soft drinks, or sunscreen, it is all free!

Enjoy "Mammoth" World's Largest Water Coaster, "Thunderbird" America's Only Launched Wing Coaster, and there is plenty of fun for the little ones too!

  • Free Soft Drinks 
  • Free Sunscreen 
  • Free Parking

Visit Holiday World Fun Club

Please log in with the following to get your discount tickets.  Have Fun!

User Name:  Holiday2058

Password:  World2058

Tennessee Titans Discount Tickets

Tennessee Titans Discount Ticket  

Score some discount tickets.

Enjoy an exclusive ticket offer for select Titans games this season saving up to $25 per ticket!

Don't fumble the chance for a fun day at the Titans game with family and friends.

  • Sunday, October 23 at 12 pm vs. Colts
  • Sunday, November 13 at 12 pm vs. Broncos
  • Sunday, November 27 at 12 pm vs. Bengals
  • Sunday, December 11 at 12 pm vs. Jaguars
  • Saturday, December 24 at 12 pm vs. Texans

Rush to Get Your Discount Tickets Today

Use special code SOCU for your discount.  Enjoy the games!  

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Benefits provided by credit unions

Since credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, we can focus on delivering better services for our member-owners. We can pour our earnings into providing you with special member benefits — including better rates, products, services, and discounts.

You can benefit from this in a variety of ways, such as more forgiving qualification standards. If you don't have a credit history or do but it's damaged, you could have serious trouble scoring a credit card or loan with a low rate from a bank. Credit unions are more forgiving of people in this position and offer personally tailored service that recognizes that you are an individual, not an account number.

When you become a member, your benefits stay with you for life. Whether you change jobs, graduate, move or retire, you can still enjoy all that Service One membership offers. 

We love giving back to our communities!

We give back

We give back profits to you in the form of higher interest rates on products like CDs and savings accounts. We charge lower fees than most other financial institutions. And remember, credit union profits come right back to members in the form of dividends and higher returns on savings. That means the credit union is working for you! 

Our associates also volunteer their time in the community for charities and non-profit organizations. Giving back is very important to us and our families. 

Family dreaming of house, car, teddy bear and bike.

Lower loan interest rates

If you are dreaming of a new home, car or bike, or even a teddy bear, Service One has great rates. You can apply online and get a quick response. 

The price to borrow money from a credit union, known as the interest rate or APR, is typically lower than it would be from a bank. Look over our rates!

Beagle dog using a computer


We partner with TruStage Insurance to offer you several insurance opportunities. As a Service One Member, you can receive discounted rates on homeowners, auto, and life insurance.

The TruStage Auto & Home Program gives you access to instant quotes and a potential discount. And you could save even more if you combine policies. Get free quotes from a licensed agent. A licensed agent is ready to help you find the right insurance. Just friendly, helpful advice with no sales pressure.

We recently added mechanical repair insurance.

Male college student carrying a stack of books.






Teens and Young Adults

Get your free checking account and use our app to keep track of your money!

Scholarship Opportunities - High School Seniors and WKU Returning Students

High school seniors planning to attend Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) or Western Kentucky University (WKU) may apply for a Service One scholarship. We award four (4) $1,000 scholarships to High Schools Seniors who are members or families of members of Service One. Check back in February to apply.

Service One awards a total of $10,000 to members who are returning WKU students and are members or family of members of Service One. Check back in April to apply.

If you need financial help through college, we can help with our student loans.


Mobile Banking Image

NXG Strategies

Good News! Service One Credit Union has partnered with NXG Strategies to bring the next generation in checking account benefits to protect members and their lifestyle, all as part of Choice and Choice Plus Checking, with instant issue debit cards available at all locations.

Hey, our cell phones are an important part of life so Mobile Phone Coverage is a great benefit and is included in our Choice Plus Checking. And, so is Savings on Travel, Dining, and Shopping!

Lots of coins to be sorted









Have coins to sort and deposit?

Our ByPass Branch location has a coin counter for our members.  You can sort your coins and get a total to deposit or receive cash back. Stop by with your spare change and see how much you have saved.

Co-Op Shared Branch

Nationwide Access to nearly 30,000 ATMs! 

If you plan to travel, check out the ATMs in your destination area in case you need access to cash. 


Shared Branching Network


Nationwide ATM Access

A nationwide network of nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, 9,000+ which take deposits. ATM terminals within the network can be found at many credit unions and select retail locations including 7-Eleven®, Walgreens, and Costco®.

CO-OP Shared Branch

Hundreds of credit unions have joined together in a cooperative effort to bring a new level of convenience to members. You can access your accounts and conduct business nationwide at any of the participating credit union locations within the CO-OP Shared Branch network, just as if you were at your online branch.


Auto and Home Insurance

Credit union members may qualify for special discounts on home and auto insurance.

Find out how much you could save if you switch. Combine your coverage with another car or home policy, and you could save even more.

Discount for credit union members. The TruStage Auto & Home Program gives you access to instant quotes and a potential discount. And you could save even more if you combine policies.

Get free quotes from a licensed agent. A licensed agent is ready to help you find the right insurance. Just friendly, helpful advice with no sales pressure.

Learn More

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Don’t let a wrecked vehicle wreck your finances. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is a great way to protect your finances if the value of your vehicle is less than the amount of your car loan. A good rule of thumb is to assume your new vehicle will depreciate more than 20% after the first year you own it, half of which occurs the minute you drive it off the lot. This leaves a gap between what you owe on your loan and the value of your vehicle if it’s deemed a total loss due to an accident or theft. Our GAP program may reduce or eliminate the gap between what your vehicle insurance will pay and what you owe on your loan. Contact us today to learn more about adding GAP to your vehicle loan so you can worry less about tomorrow. Please check with an associate to get GAP on your vehicle!

Life Insurance

TruStage makes it easy to apply for up to $300,000 of term life insurance. Just answer a few questions for an instant decision. If approved, buy completely online—in about 10 minutes. It’s that simple!

  • No medical exam or intrusive tests
  • No waiting—if approved, you're covered when your first payment processes
  • Income-tax free money for your beneficiaries

Protection when you need it most. Term life insurance could be an affordable way to help protect your family from the loss of your income if you were to die unexpectedly.

Learn More

AD & D Insurance

Member-Only Insurance Programs.  Inquire about the special insurance programs offered by your credit union.

Service One offers $2,000 of free Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance to members. As a valued member, you can apply for competitively-priced insurance to help protect you and your family. To claim this AD&D insurance, or to purchase extra coverage, please click the button below:

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

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