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A Message to Our Members:

There is no higher priority for our entire Service One family than the health and safety of our members, associates, partners and the communities in which we live and work. Like you, we continue to stay informed about developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) This includes monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, Credit Union Regulators/Associations and working closely with state and local officials. Kentucky Governor Beshear released a March 17, ORDER, that among other things reemphasized the 6-foot social distancing for “public-facing businesses.” In an abundance of caution, this guidance has directly informed and shaped our business continuity efforts, and we want to be certain that we keep you updated on our plans. As a result:

  • Branch lobbies will be closed effective Monday, March 23rd until further notice—DRIVE THRUS will be open extended hours from 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday and regular hours on Saturdays. Face to face meetings will be taken by appointment only.
  • Our team aims to provide the service levels you are accustomed to and remain available to you just as in any other time, even if in-person meetings aren’t always possible.
  • Member Solutions Center is prepared to take your calls concerning account information or account to account transfers. Dial 270-796-8500 and press zero “0”.
  • Branch ATMs are available for deposits and cash withdrawals.
  • Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking App is available to make deposits or pay bills...all from your phone, tablet or personal computer.
  • Our New Telephone Banking System is available to check account balances and make transfers. Dial 270-796-8500 and press zero "0".
  • Our team is ready to work with you on your loan or checking account if you have been negatively impacted because of COVID – 19.  Or, we are available for any other issue you want to discuss.
  • Our business continuity team executed preventive measures to mitigate the spread of germs under directives put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Should circumstances worsen, please be reassured we are prepared, we are monitoring the situation, and we will communicate directly with you through our regular communication channels and/or publish information on our website if the need arises.

All the Best,

Rebecca S. Stone

Rebecca Stone                                                                                                                           

President and CEO

Scam Alerts

Scam Alert

To our members:

A common technique among internet and email scammers is to take advantage of public concerns and fears. Today, that means that scammers are capitalizing on the fear surrounding the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from health and safety concerns to apprehension around financial market impacts. During this critical time, focus on anything that sounds too good to be true! Below are a few examples of the scams circulating:

Beware of Bogus Products and Investments
As scammers prey on coronavirus fears, there is an uptick in the sale of bogus products like masks, immune system boosters and sanitizers. If you aren’t able to find a hand sanitizer at your local store, it doesn’t make sense that a random source on the internet would have an unlimited supply for sale. When an offer sounds “too good to be true,” verifying product credibility through research is key.

Also, be wary of “investment opportunities” related to the coronavirus. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is warning people about online promotions, including through social media, claiming that the products or services of publicly-traded companies can prevent, detect or cure coronavirus. Don’t get caught in a stock scam; always seek professional advice.

Know Your Charities
Another path that scammers are taking is soliciting for bogus charities. We all want to help; the scammers know that if they tug on our heartstrings, our wallets will usually open. The scams often look like they are helping locally or for specific groups you support. Before you contribute, be sure to research new charities thoroughly. Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Watch Out for Phishing
The third foundational scam to be aware of is the use of phishing emails to take your money and get your personal information. As always, never click on an embedded link in an unsolicited email. It may download malware onto your computer. Protect yourself by making sure anti-virus software is on your computer and up-to-date.

Be suspicious of emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or “experts” saying that they have new, critical information about the virus. For the most up-to-date information, go right to the authoritative source. Go to the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) websites for current information. If you come across any suspicious claims, report them to the FTC at

If you need assistance, please call us immediately at (800)759-8500.

Products & Services News

 New Year New ToolsIn a world that is moving faster every day, we are committed to delivering solutions that are in line with the way you, our members, live and work today and in the future - financial services at the "speed of life."  

We offer you smarter technology that allows more control for you with enhanced products and services with more flexibility. They are designed to give YOU, our members, an even stronger foundation for your financial well-being and simplify the way you bank.  Thank you for your patience through the enhancement. We appreciate your membership.


Community News

Service One provided Kentucky Communities with support.Service One Credit Union provides the people in the Bowling Green, Glasgow, and South Central Kentucky, areas with competitive interest rates and quality savings and loan products. The institution also focuses heavily on community outreach, including financial literacy programs for young children and adults. And Service One Credit Union sponsors grants and scholarships that help local teachers and students achieve their educational goals. For its dedication to members, students, and residents in its service area, Service One Credit Union has earned our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Commitment. Click here to read the article!


Service One offers education and specialized products for underserved members in KY>The Service One Credit Union team understands that not everyone is in an ideal financial situation, which is why it works with members to find the products that fit their needs. Those include the Graduate Auto Loan, which helps high school and college grads secure the transportation they need to start their careers. Service One Credit Union also offers a variety of home loans, including the Welcome Home Mortgage Program, which enables credit-challenged borrowers to become homeowners. And the credit union encourages its members to establish a budget and compare rates and terms to ensure they’re getting the best loan. Click here to read the article!

Loan News

 Designed to Fit Your Needs

Every member has a unique lifestyle and we understand that sometimes there are extra expenses. You may need help getting some extra money.

The process is easy so you don’t have to turn to high-interest credit cards or payday loans. Lifestyle Loans are designed to fit your need, whether it’s for an unexpected life event or something more. Lifestyle Loans are ideal for a variety of items.


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