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Savings Account

 Build Your Savings

It is easy to save by saving a little at a time!

Get started today! Add to your savings with direct deposit, online transfers or bring in your change to deposit!  It doesn't take much effort to have a solid savings account. For your convenience, we have a coin counting machine at our Bypass location. You become a credit union owner with your membership at Service One Credit Union when you open a savings account with just $25.

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Young Saver Programs

 Young Saver's Account

It’s never too early to learn to save and spend responsibly! 

Help your Young Saver learn to save regularly. Promote good financial habits at a young age by opening a savings account at Service One and establish a regular savings plan. Depositing a portion of their birthday or holiday gift money can add up quickly. Young Savers who make a deposit to their account can choose a prize from our treasure chest!

Members 17 and younger earn dividends on just $25 or more. It’s a great way to save and learn about money.


BizKid$ is a financial literacy initiative that includes an award-winning TV series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, a website and a social media presence targeting children 9 – 16 years old.

Check it out!


Holiday Club

 Save for the Holidays

With a Holiday Club, there no need to worry about how you will buy gifts for the holidays!

You decide how much you wish to save each pay period. You will not notice a few dollars out of each paycheck, but you will be happy when you have money to buy gifts! Use automatic transfer from your checking or savings account each pay period to save for the holiday season. Your total funds will transfer to your checking account in November so you can start shopping!

Instant $avings

 Round Up $avings

Looking for an easy and convenient way to save?

Enjoy instant savings with our “Round-Up $avings” program.

This is a voluntary program designed to "Round-Up" your debit card purchase transactions to the next highest dollar. The "Round-Up" amount is withdrawn separately from your checking account and deposited to your savings account daily. You still have full access to your money.

Questions? See FAQs or Call us at (270) 796-8500 or toll-free (800) 759-8500.

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